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Cesarsway.com Website Review & Ratings + Cesar's Way Coupons

  • Cesar Millan is a dog behavior specialist, and dog trainer, best known as The Dog Whisperer.
  • Cesar's Way is Cesar Millan's official website, as well as the title of his first book.
  • At his website, one can find many resources pertaining to dog care, and training in particular.
  • People can ask Cesar Millan their own dog questions, or can read some of the most commonly asked questions in the Q & A section.  This is one of the places people can find out the most important thing to do with a dog.
  • The Cesar's Way website offers information on upcoming episodes of his television show, "The Dog Whisperer" as well as much more advice regarding dogs, their care, and, of course, training.
Cesar's Way: What makes it different?

The Cesar's Way website offers so much information, not only for dog owners with problem dogs, but all dog owners, that it should not be passed over lightly.

By looking directly at the nature of how dogs behave with each other, Cesar helps owners treat their dogs in a language dogs understand, thus making learning more natural for the dog itself.

As owners learn more about dog psychology hopefully fewer errors in training will occur.

The Cesar's Way website is easy to navigate, and while packed with information, users can quickly find the information they want, and may learn new things they were not even looking for!

Cesar's Way vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Cesar's Way)

Victoria Stilwell, although based in the UK, is probably Cesar's toughest competition. Her approach uses more positive reinforcement than that of Cesar, although it is worth noting that Cesar is often called in to deal with problem dogs, who have become dominant through poor owner eduction, where as Victoria is better known for training dogs with positive reinforcement right from the start. Victoria's site is called Positively.

Other rivals of Cesar's Way are local dog clubs and dog trainers, some of which still use old-school training methods, such as pushing down on the dogs rump to get it to sit, or controlling it on a choke chain when out for walks.  Neither of these training systems are something either Cesar Millan or Victoria Stilwell would approve of.

Cesar's Way: Product images & screenshots
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Cesar's Way: Detailed review

The information on the Cesar's Way website is of benefit to any dog owner, particularly those who have found themselves with an aggressive dog, dominant dog, or even one with food aggression issues.  Sadly many dog owners fail to recognize these behaviors as being problems before their dog is ruling their house, as such Cesar Millan also points out the correct way to raise a dog right from the start, in addition to correcting problem behavior.

Cesar points out that some bad dog behaviors are things that the owner has tolerated for years, such as when a dog drags the owner on a walk, or jumps on people.  He offers help so the owner can spot problem behaviors and offers ways to correct the problem, as well as training advice so new owners learn how, and why, these behaviors should not be allowed to develop.

Cesar says of dogs, "We make it very complicated for them, by not understanding who they are and what they need and their language and how they create their behavior."  From this he looks further into the natural behavior of dogs and how some owners tend to treat them more like people than like dogs.  As such The Dog Whisperer advocates raising a dog as though we were a superior pack memeber.

  • In the Ask the Vet section of the site, dog owners can find out information regarding basic, and common dog health concerns.  Readers can see previously asked questions, or can ask their own.
  • In the Trainers Corner Cesar, and guest trainers, offer tips and suggestions that dog owners can use to help them gain a better understanding of their dog.   These points are not only specific to dog behavior and training but also venture into dog psychology.
  • Visitors to the site can subscribe to the newsletter, or magazine.
  • Cesar Millan wants to help shelter dogs find new homes, and wants prospective owners to consider adoption to save thousands of dogs who may not be so lucky otherwise.  In 2009, the Millan Foundation started Shelter Stars, which potential adopters can use to find their next new pet, and if they do adopt such a dog they will receive copies of some of Cesars DVD's on dog training.
  • What pet site is not complete without a photo gallery?  Cesar's Way has a section of dog photos includeing those submitted by readers of the site.
  • There is a shop where people can purchase Cesar's products, dog supplies, and training aids.
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Comments (6)

My kids love this guy!

You have made a good review here to help shopper to make their wise decision. Thanks.

Yes, a good review


Nice review, you bring out so very interesting points.

Katie at MPVH

Great review! We use his techniques with our dachshunds (notoriously hard-headed) in conjunction with "ClikR"s, a training tool we got at Klondike's Toy Box (http://www.mpvh.mybigcommerce.com/index.php).

Cesar's shows and books also help train the OWNER, which is sometimes the biggest problem!! I know that we were definitely contributing to the problem. Once we corrected OUR behavior, training our doxies was way easier.

Peter Curtis

Yes, I have seen him and he works well.

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Get 15% off the Quick-Fit car seat cover @ Cesar's Way
Get 20% Off Orders Over $50 @ Cesar's Way
Get $10 Off Orders $65 Or More @ Cesar's Way
Get Snack Pack Now: $29.99 @ Cesar's Way
Get 20% Off DVD Orders @ Cesar's Way
Get 10% Off Orders @ Cesar's Way
Get 10% Off Orders Over $65 @ Cesar's Way
Get Current Promotions @ Cesar's Way