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Pet Health USA is an online pet supply store geared towards pet owners who care about their pets, to this end they even refer to pet owners as "pet parents".  The main focus of Pet Health USA is offering excellent service and top knotch pet health products as well as a few other supplies. 

Pet Health USA knows that any good pet parent wants the best for their beloved companion, and has a full range of health supplies for dogs, cats, birds, and some things for reptiles and fish too.  This includes, but is not limited to, excellent quality natural pet food and treats.  Pet parents will be thrilled to find quality pet foods such as Avoderm Natural and Natural Balance at affordable prices.

If you are a pet parent, and are concerned about what you feed, or use on your pet, you will be pleased with the quality of the products offered by Pet Health USA.  You will also find a few novelty items in the form of unique pet fashions.

Pet Health USA: What makes it different?

Pet Health USA is unique in that it has its focus on quality products, and it does not sell "just anything".  They want to offer their customers products, and food, that are good for their pets.  As such when a pet parent looks at this website they know they are selecting trusted products and reputable brands.  As a matter of fact, Pet Health USA has their products reviewed by their veterinarian consultant before they offer them to the public.

As an added bonus Pet Health USA also has a page dedicated to offering tips for pet parents on how to look after their beloved creatures.  These tips are well constructed with links to appropriate products that relate to solving certain pet problems or conditions.  Another bonus service is that Pet Health USA has a place where people can ask questions directed to a veterinarian.

Overall customers will find Pet Health USA to be an easy to use online retail pet health supply outlet that will not bombard them with things they do not want, or need.  The site stays completely professional and away from extra gimmicks.

Pet parents of animals such as reptiles, who would normally have a difficult time finding health related supplies for their pets will be delighted with the selection offered by Pet Health USA.

Pet Health USA vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Pet Health USA)

When comparing Pet Health USA to other American online pet supply companies the two that stand out most are SitStay, and USPets.

SitStay also has a strong focus on offering quality products for pet owners.  They do have some health related products but their main focus is on training aids.  When you compare Pet Health USA, to a company such as SitStay, you see some overlap in product but the focus is slightly different.  A person who is strictly looking for health related products might be better of to use USPets, while somebody who is more looking for training products, and general products, will be happy with SitStay.

USPets  offer health related supplies but target pet owners who know exactly what they are looking for in that they do not offer a lot of information for pet owners, and the site can be a bit overwhelming to look at.  Although they do have other products, USPets is a good site for people looking for flea and tick medication for cats and/or dogs, rather than people looking for general health supplies for many different pets.

Overall Pet Health USA is a great option for people who want to stick to finding quality health products for their cat, dog, and other pets.

Pet Health USA: Pricing & packages

As an online supplier Pet Health USA has lower prices than most pet supply stores or veterinarian offices where the same, or similiar, products can be found.  It must be noted that many products sold online through Pet Health USA are not often found in pet stores, or pet supply stores.

In veterinarian offices, for example, Advantage II Flea control for dogs 1-10 lbs, a 12 dose box, can cost $150.00 or more.  Pet Health USA currently offers the same product for $127.88.  This is higher than the same product as currently listed on USPets, where it is now at $101.11.  The prices at SitStay are also slightly lower with a box of 6 doses of K9 Advantix selling at $83.88 on Pet Health US and selling at $73.80 at SitStay.

When comparing prices of the pet foods offered by Pet Health USA, we can see that their prices on Avoderm, and Natural Balance are roughly 10 - 20% lower than these products would be found in specialty pet supply stores, noting that most grocery stores and many pet stores do not carry these products.

Pet Health USA: Product images & screenshots
Pet Health USA Coupons
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Pet Health USA: Customer reviews & comments

Customer feedback in regards to Pet Health USA is very good, with over 340 thumbs up from Facebook users (as of June 2011), this is clearly a trusted company among many pet parents.

Pet Health USA offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and although few people have had to use it, customers do report that their guarantee was honored. 

Pet parents from across the United States have been generally happy with the products, and pricing, of Pet Health USA, and note that they are glad to be able to find healthy, natural, pet foods. Customers are also thrilled at the selection on Pet Health USA, especially on hard to find items for reptiles and aquatic pets.

People find that the site is easy to use, and accessible, even for those who do not have a fast Internet connection.

Pet Health USA is also a member of the Pet Chamber of Commerce.

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AS a pet owner I am always interested in what I feed my family members. Thank you for your research and composing this educational info. Well done. Promoted.

What a wonderful review...your detail is incredible on the products for a pet owner also it is good to be aware of what is out on the market. +1

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Coming back with a well deserved vote up.

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