Unique Pet Food Companies Let Pet Owners Feel Like They Are Cooking for Their Pet
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Unique Pet Food Companies Let Pet Owners Feel Like They Are Cooking for Their Pet


In the past it was common for pet owners to cook for their pet, but then companies started to make commercially prepared pet foods. When these prepared pet foods first came out consumers were quick to buy them and because they were approved nobody really questioned their ingredients.

Some pet food companies started cheating consumers, adding cheap filler to cut costs; knowing that some consumers only looked at the price tag when making decisions on their pet's food. Over time owners started becoming aware that some of the health problems pets were having, high rates of cancer, urinary tract problems, hot spots, increased shedding, allergies, and more, and suspected that these problems might be caused by lower quality ingredients in their pet's food.

Some pet owners started looking for better quality pet foods, ones that used better ingredients, and other pet owners started making their own pet food. Not every pet owner has the time to cook for their pet, and when it comes to providing compete nutrition, some pet owners simply do not know how, as such two innovated companies have entered the competitive pet food market, allowing pet owners to customize their own pet food or cook for their pet without the worry of balancing pet nutrition. These companies are RedMoon Custom Pet Food and Sojos (Sojourner Farms) All Natural Pet Food.

RedMoon Custom Pet Food

RedMoon Custom Pet Food allows cat and dog owners to select from one of several base formulas and customize it to their liking and needs. They then make the food fresh and ship it directly to the consumer. The recognize the need for cats and dogs to eat meat, not grains, and as such their foods do not contain corn or wheat, both of which are linked to causing allergies in dogs and are nothing more than cheap filler in cat food.  You may not actually be cooking for your pet, but you are selecting the ingredients, and RedMoon is there to help with an easy to follow system to help you select the right base formula for your pet.

Sojos All Natural Pet Food

Sojos takes a different approach but still allows pet owners to feel like they are making something special for their pet. Sojos makes a prepared pet food, or pet food base, that is freeze dried and owners can rehydrate by adding water. Some formulas also require the addition of meat, and (for dogs) fresh vegetables, but have given the owner the base from which to add.  They also have complete pet foods that needing only water for rehydration.  Sojos allows owners to feel good because the freeze dried food still contains its nutrition, so it is almost like feeding "fresh". 

About RedMoon And Sojos

Both RedMoon and Sojos sell their pet food throughout Canada and the lower 48 states. While Sojos can also be found in some retail locations, because RedMoon is made fresh on demand it is not available in stores but delivery is free.

Both companies are dedicated to providing healthy, and complete, pet foods that are grain free. If you are thinking about cooking for your pet but are worried about not providing correct nutrition, you may want to use one of these companies instead, as they do most of the work for you but still allow you to feel special about feeding your pet.

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