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USA Pet Express is an online store where dog and cat owners can purchase brand name pet medications at a discount price. USA Pet Express carries many of the most popular brands of pet medications to help prevent fleas, ticks, heartworms and other external and internal parasites. Many of the brands they carry can usually only be purchased at a veterinarian’s office, where they are far more expensive. At USA Pet Express cat and dogs owners, can purchase some of the most popular and trusted brands of pet medications like Advantage, Frontline, Heartgard, Revolution, Interceptor and K9 Advantix for far below the price that they would normally pay from their local veterinarian. 

USA Pet Express: What makes it different?

USA Pet Express sells brand name pet medications for treating external and internal parasites at a discounted price comparably to what pet owners pay at their veterinarian’s office. USA Pet Express offers all the most popular brand name medications at a competitive price to the other online discount pet medication stores. USA Pet Express offers an easy to use website that even a novice to online shopping can use with ease, a good selection of quality products and accepts both Visa and MasterCard, and Paypal. USA Pet Express offers their customers quick and cost efficient shipping; they send most orders by airmail for a flat rate of $6.95 anywhere in the United States.

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USA Pet Express vs. primary competitors (sites similar to USA Pet Express)

There are numerous discount pet medications stores online; one of the largest is Medi-Vet. Medi-Vet offers the same dog and cat medications that USA Pet Express offers, plus more. At Medi-Vet customers can find all the same cat and dog medications they can find at USA Pet Express, but they can also purchase pet medications for horses, fish, and small pets like hamster, guinea pigs and rabbits.

In a price comparison between USA Pet Express and Medi-Vet, Medi-Vet is cheaper on most products, but not all. A six-dose pack of Revolution for dogs between 5-10 pounds costs $61.84 from Medi-Vet, while the exact same product costs $68.99 at USA Pet Express. However, USA Pet Express has cheaper prices on a 12-dose pack of Advantage for cats; USA Pet Express sells 12 dose packs of Advantage for cats for $121.99, while Medi-Vet sells the exact same product for $123.43. 

USA Pet Express offers the cheapest shipping rates between the two stores; they offer a flat rate of $6.95 on normal sized orders, while Medi-Vet charges $7.99 for the same shipping. Customers have the choice of paying for their Medi-Vet purchases with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express, while those shopping at USA Pet Express can pay with Visa, MasterCard or Paypal. For those that do not have a credit card, USA Pet Express is the store to shop in as Paypal can be hooked to a bank account and an echeck can be used to pay for the shopping order.

USA Pet Express: Pricing & packages

USA Pet Express offers a variety of brand name cat and dog medications. USA Pet Express is slightly more expensive than Medi-Vet on some pet medications, but is less expensive on others.

Four of the most popular products sold in both stores are Advantage, Revolution, Heartgard and Frontline Plus.


Advantage is also known as Advocate, it is a popular monthly treatment for cats and dogs to help prevent fleas, hookworms, heartworms, roundworms and ear mites. USA Pet Express offers slightly lower prices for Advantage products. A 12-dose pack of Advantage for cats cost $123.43 at Medi-Vet, while only costing $121.99 at USA Pet Express.


Heartgard helps to prevent heartworm in cats and dogs. Medi-Vet offers lower prices on Heartgard than USA Pet Express. A package of six Heartgard chewable tablets for dogs sells for $20.68 on Medi-Vet, while the exact same products sells for $37.99 on USA Pet Express.


Revolution is a monthly treatment to help prevent external and internal parasites in dogs and cats. It is also known as Stronghold. It is one of the most popular monthly parasite prevention treatments for pets. Medi-Vet sells Revolution for less than USA Pet Express. A six-dose pack of Revolution for dogs that weigh 5-10 pounds at Medi-Vet sells for $61.84, while the same products cost $68.99 from USA Pet Express.

Frontline Plus:

Frontline plus is a very popular product used to prevent flea and ticks on dogs and cats. USA Pet Express offers better prices for Frontline Plus; a 12-dose package of Frontline Plus costs $107.99 from USA Pet Express, while the same package costs $146.70 from Medi-Vet.

USA Pet Express: Product images & screenshots
USA Pet Express Coupons
USA Pet Express: Customer reviews & comments

Customer feedback on USA Pet Express is very limited. USA Pet Express takes their customers privacy very seriously and strives to give them a secure online shopping experience. They offer quick convenient shipping; orders are sent out within two days of purchase. To help keep costs low for the customers they send all purchases, other than bulk orders, by airmail shipping at a flat rate of $6.95.  All the products that are sold on USA Pet Express generally receive good reviews from customers; however, some pets have had a bad reaction to some of the once a month medications. Pet owners should check with their veterinarian before using any new products. USA Pet Express tends to be a little slow in answering customers email questions, sometimes taking over 72 hours to respond. 

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Comments (7)

I ordered Revolution from this company. Somewhere in the fine print it might have said the order was coming from overseas, but I sure didn't see -it. The confirmation of order stated it could take 7-12 days to get here--including the order time, that's 14 days, too long in this world. When it arrived, the order was incorrect. It took 2 emails to get a response & I had to wait another period to get a correct order. BUT WHEN IT CAME, IT WAS WRONG!! I won't be dealing with these people again & I'll be watching mycredit card to see that they don't charge me for the second shipment.

I ordered product from and it came within 8 days and it was exactly what I wanted.  Great prices and great customer service on there part!

I was aware that it would take a little while to receive my order, which is fine.  If I were to get heartworm meds in the US, I would have had to pay for tests, etc. and get a prescription.  However, they only sent half my order and their email address "does not exist" according to yahoo.  

USApetexpress is a deceptive company. I ordered Frontline Plus for cats but received some type of frontline combo from Europe. Shipping was very slow, and from overseas. Will not use this company again. The frontline combo does not work as well as genuine Frontline Plus.

I should have read your comments BEFORE I ordered from UsaPetExpress. I placed an order in early Aug. I know it takes quite a while to receive from overseas. They screwed my order up and substituted one of the items I ordered.  To b n regarding your post below. It sounds like they substituted Frontline Combo for the Frontline Plus (for dogs). I love the way Frontline Plus works and how dare they substitute products!   Every time I try to send them an email, my email provider returns it with a note of no known recipient, no such address.  How in the heck am I going to get my product???

I should have done more extensive "homework" on this company before ordering!

DO NOT use this company - we ordered frontline and it came in an alternate formulation (missing one of the ingredients).  Even theough they say they offer a full refund if not satisfied, they refused to honor their own policy.

Say hello to my credit card dispute, you idiots.....

I've ordered many times from (I believe) aka many times. I have always gotten what I ordered and received package in a timely matter. I was actually surprised how fast I did get order...... Will continue doing business with them.

Customer Reviews
World Pet Express Average Rating:
(3 ratings)
World Pet Express 3.5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
Ruth Paulsen — 80 months ago
4.0 Star Rating: Recommended
“Run like a family-owned operation”

Ordered food and misc supplies for our 2 cats from USA Pet Express and was very happy with them. They even followed up with a phone call after my order because they had run out of one of the items I had ordered, and they even upgraded me to the higher end version of the same product at no extra charge. They really know how to provide great service there, I very much recommend.

sally gilbertson — 72 months ago
1.0 Star Rating: Not Recommended
“NOT a USA based company, ALL orders shipped from overseas!”

NOT a USA based company, orders are shipped from overseas. You are not told this until after you have placed your order. I have been waiting for my dog's Frontline Plus for over 3 weeks, the company says you can expect item(s) to arrive w/in 7-12 business days, I have been waiting for 16 business days. I will be contacting my credit card company and instructing to refuse any future billing from this company, they seem like a scam. I will never use USA Pet Express again.

LG Wade — 72 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“Good source for selamectin”

I prefer selamectin (Revolution, Stronghold) for routine flea and parasite control, because it is relatively nontoxic in dogs and cats (especially compared with the pyrethrins in OTC spot flea controls), and I can easily measure out the correct dose based on the animal's weight. This website filled my selamectin order quickly and correctly, using the Pfizer Stronghold brand of 12% selamectin.

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